10 Tips for Perfect Pet Teeth: A Beginner’s Guide

Most of us, pet parents, put a lot of effort, thought, and money just to keep our pets healthy and happy. From quality food, treats, vaccines, routine checkups, to park play dates, and toys; we want only what’s best for our dogs and cats. One very important factor even the most loving pet parents often overlook is oral hygiene.

Pet oral care should also be a priority. You should keep your pet’s mouth healthy because if left unchecked and untreated; oral infections can lead to bigger and more severe health problems for your fur babies. Bacteria can enter your pet’s bloodstream and cause liver, kidney, and heart problems. The good news is that all these are avoidable if your follow these 10 tips for perfect pet teeth.

1 Schedule regular oral checkups.

Most pet parents already schedule regular checkups but we rarely ask our vet to check our pets’ gums and teeth. It’s always best to be proactive and ask the vet to poke around our pet’s mouths regularly. Prevention is better than cure.

2 Brush.

Easier said than done, we know. Start young, if you can; but even older pets can be trained to accept brushing with positive reinforcement. Also, make it a routine. Use toothpaste containing organic ingredients to help breakdown existing plaque, prevent formation of new plaque, and fight bad breath.

3. Pet oral care products don’t have to be expensive.

Toothpastes, brushes and other cleaning devices could be inexpensive and still work wonders.  So don’t skimp out on oral care.

4. Try tooth-friendly foods.

Canned food could promote plaque and tartar. If your vet allows it, feed your pets crunchy food, especially the “dental diet kibble” kind. However, crunchy food won’t get rid of tartar, plaque, and bad breath on its own; you still need to brush and follow the rest of these 10 tips for perfect pet teeth.

5. Never give your pets candy.

Pets are like kids; giving them candy can cause cavities. Treats should also be given sparingly. To prevent cavities, toothaches, and unhealthy gums, brush with vet-approved toothpaste.

6. Give your pets tooth-protecting toys.

Nylon and plastic toys are bad for your pet’s teeth and gums. Bones or rawhide can also cause tooth fractures. Rubber toys are better.

7. Check their breath.

If your dog or cat has strong, foul breath; it could mean they have oral problems. Always check your pet’s breath to see if anything is “off.”

8. Go slow.

Start with a small dab of toothpaste and allow your pet to sniff and taste it. Praise and encourage them at every step. Once they are used to the smell and brushing motion; brush their teeth gently and slowly.

9. Establish a cleaning routine.

Dogs and cats are creatures of habit. They like routine. As mentioned in #2, start young, if you can, and offer positive reinforcement. Schedule oral hygiene activities before doing something your pets really love like playtime, walks, or trips to the park to get them to like the process because they know something good is coming up.

10. Go organic.

Going organic is the last of the 10 tips for perfect pet teeth, and the most important. Chemicals and additives are bad for your pets. Choose oral products that are effective and organic to make sure you’re giving only the best for your dogs and cats.

Just like regular grooming and daily walks or playtime, dental care for your pets should be something your pets expect and you pay attention to each day. Follow these 10 tips for perfect pet teeth and keep your dogs’ and cats’ smiles healthy and happy.

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