Dental Hygiene for My Pet

Dental care is an important part of caring for my pet. Just like humans – dogs have teeth that can cause problems if they are not cared for with a proper dental routine. I have noticed that can suffer from bad breath just like us.

My pets vet is an important part of its dental care. I have asked my vet to show me how to brush my pets’ teeth properly. Remember, vet knows how to brush their teeth properly, so your beloved pet doesn’t get gum disease or any of the other conditions associated with poor oral hygiene.

The I have been spending a lot of time finding the right toothbrush for my dog. I even used a child ’s toothbrush – but I found out that it is recommended that pet needs a special toothbrush. It will make brushing easier for me and will be worth the money.

I also found out that cannot use human toothpaste on my dog. Rather use a special quality toothpaste with natural ingredients specially formulated for dogs. You need to spend some time choosing your toothpaste too. Some brands might use ingredients that are harmful to your pet, and there are some common ingredients can make your pet sick. Look for Organic Toothpaste for Pets then labels carefully and check that the toothpaste does not contain salt, detergents or enzymes as these are dangerous for your pet. There is a huge choice at most pet supply store’s, so I asked for help and read the labels carefully.

Brushing your dogs’ teeth for the first time can be difficult; especially if they are not used to it. I avoided this by starting when they are still puppies – but if it’s too late for that don’t worry. The key is to be gentle, I always speak in a soft voice and do not force my dog. He must learn that it is not a big deal. I start from the back of the mouth and work my r way forward in small circular motions.

If your dog really does not want to allow you to brush his teeth without a fight you can use a towel first. I tried rubbing his teeth with the Organic Toothpaste for Pets so he gets used to the taste and sensation as well as your fingers in his mouth. Speak encouragingly and softly; you can even sing a little tune to calm him down. After a few patient weeks, the dog should allow you to brush his teeth without any hassles.

I also brush my dogs’ teeth daily, but if you can’t manage that – once every second day should be fine. It’s important that I see my dogs mouth as my own. By doing this I will ensure that my dogs’ teeth will last well into old age, and of course, his dog breath will improve.

As you can see, dogs have dental problems that are very similar to human dental problems and they benefit from dental care just like we do. For all the products that I suggested, it still best to ask first your veterinarian for his or her recommendations on the best pet toothbrush and Organic Toothpaste for Pets to use. I realized that my vet is my dog’s doctor and should be trusted like I trust my own doctor.

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