Keeping a healthy environment for your dogs

Dog paws are naturally with hardened soles, but they are far less protected than other animals like horse hooves but are still susceptible to damage and infection. However, there are many steps that you can follow and dog products that you can use to ensure that your pet is just as happy padding around in bare feet as you are in shoes.

Firstly, be sure to keep your home and garden free from any sharp objects that your dog may tread on. Be extra careful when clearing up broken glass for example, making sure that there are no small shards left. If your dog does get cut, which will inevitably happen from time to time, treat it the same as you would a cut on yourself. Use an antibacterial wipe to clean the wound and wrap in a clean bandage. However, if the wound is large or does not stop bleeding, take your dog to the vet and they can recommend a Secret Paw Protection Cream for your dog.

Keep your dog’s nails neatly trimmed so that they just about touch the floor, clean the paws regularly and use a good pad moisturizer to avoid dry, cracked paws. However, you should never use a human moisturizer on the paws of your dog as this can soften them and make them more susceptible to injury. Remember that whilst they do need to be moisturized, paws are hard for a reason. Many owners also do not realize that people are not the only ones who love massages. Giving your dog a regular paw massage is not only a special treat that they will enjoy, it also promotes good circulation for happy, healthy paws.

There are many pet products out there like the Secret Paw Protection Cream to keep the paws of your dog in great condition. Remember that animals feel discomfort too and the health and wellbeing of your pet should be a priority. Dog products such as Secret Paw Protection Cream should be used when needed. Whether you own a dog, remember that treatment works, but it is even better to avoid a problem in the first place by feeding your pet a healthy diet and ensuring that their housing conditions and clean, clear and dry.

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