Andy Anand Certified Organic Coconut Oil for Pets




Andy Anand Coconut Oil for Pets- Certified Organic & Extra Virgin Tonic, Superfood Supplement -Natural Digestive & Immune Support, Anti Itch- For Dry Skin, With Neem, Turmeric & Herbs-16oz

  • HIGHEST QUALITY ORGANICALLY GROWN coconuts are hand selected to be the best superfood for your dog. Packed with the good saturated fats, vitamin E, vitamin K, MCTs and lauric acid!
  • Turmeric benefits your dog in many different ways: It can decrease inflammation (can help with itchy skin issues) It’s a powerful antioxidant. It helps thin the blood (lowering the risk of blood clots).Although cholesterol doesn’t affect dogs like it does people, clots can lead to a number of problems for dogs, including heart issues. All dogs are subject to arthritis, turmeric can play an important role due to its anti-inflammatory properties
  • KEEPS THE BODY HEALTHY & STRONG – Coconut Oil supports brain and digestive health while giving the immune system a boost to help any puppy or adult dog feel great. Best of all, this oil also keeps their breath fresh for oral hygiene support.
  • Neem for Dogs- Neem oil is beneficial in numerous ways. The Oil can be used to boost the immune system of dogs in general and to repel intestinal parasites. Neem oil can also be used to treat skin problems, repel fleas, mosquitoes, and ticks.Neem is versatile and effective as a safe home remedy for a number of health issues, both for people and dogs.Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, neem oil relieves dry skin and soothes skin irritations and itching.
  • 100% HAPPY DOG GUARANTEE If the Andy Anand Coconut Oil does not help relieve your dog’s skin problems quickly, *or if you or your dog just don’t like it* we’ll replace it or give you 100% of your money back, no questions asked.

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